When is Black Friday 2017 in Singapore?

Better prepare yourselves because this Black Friday will be on November 24th. Yes, it’s just around the corner for shopaholics worldwide. So get ready, call in sick, stay in bed and shop online guilt-free. Without a doubt, this is the next big sale in Singapore, which falls slightly after Thanksgiving. And that’s when shopping for the best sales will get crazy.

Americans’ favourite shopping event has finally arrived in Singapore!  This crazy shopping day in the US reached nearly $3.5 billion USD in sales last year and all signs point to 2017’s numbers being even more impressive.  Make sure to mark the date in your calendar and get ready to join millions of other savvy shoppers around the world and score incredible deals on the products of your dreams!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the US’s biggest shopping event of the year and a cornerstone of the American holiday season.

It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, a beloved American holiday focused on spending time with your family and friends.  With Thanksgiving taking place just about a month before Christmas, it falls at the ideal time for Americans to get a head-start on their holiday shopping list.

Black Friday fever is growing year after year.

Although the concept can be traced back to the 1950’s, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it began to truly gain momentum.  Since then, both retailers and shoppers have embraced the concept and it has become a fixture of the festive period. In the 2000’s, many retailers started offering increasingly impressive deals and began turning the day into a true shopping event at their stores with events like extra early opening times, special door crasher deals, and flash sales. The event has grown bigger and crazier each year, with many retailers taking advantage of every last minute of the day by starting the sales and opening their doors right at midnight!

The event has also taken off online and many retailers now offer deals that are even better than what shoppers can find in stores.  The success of this online sales has even led to the creation of a spin-off, online-only event just a few days later: Cyber Monday.  Shopping fever has virtually taken over the entire holiday long weekend and Americans are reported to have spent over $12 billion during the five-day period in 2016!

Why is it called “Black Friday”?

The origins of the term “Black Friday” are surprisingly a bit murky.  Some people trace the moniker back to Philadelphia in the 1950’s, where each year on the day after Thanksgiving, the streets and sidewalks would become incredibly crowded with people out doing their shopping and watching an important annual football game. As the story goes, this was a busy and stressful moment for the city of Philadelphia and police officers were not allowed to take the day off.  The day consequently began to be described as “Black Friday” in honour of the dense crowds that filled the streets.

Black Friday becomes a massive mobile event.

Another strong contender for the origins of the term comes from the world of accounting.  When accounts were kept with a pen and paper, red ink was used to record losses and black to record profits.  Black Friday was the glorious day of the year that pulled businesses out of “the red” (the negative) into the “the black” (the positive), as stores finally started to turn a profit on sales for the year.  Whatever the true origin story of the term may be, Black Friday has become an internationally-recognized term for the year’s biggest, craziest day of shopping.

Over the past decade, it has transformed from a uniquely American holiday into a truly global phenomenon, as stores all across the world have jumped on the bandwagon and started offering amazing deals to the billions of eager shoppers.  With tonnes of Singaporean retailers joining in for the 2017 festivities, this year’s global numbers will only get bigger!

Is Black Friday really a thing in Singapore?

It may have started out as a uniquely American holiday, but over the past decade, it has taken shoppers across the world by storm.  Singaporeans are no exception; over the past five years, searches for “Black Friday” and “when is Black Friday” have skyrocketed
Evolution of Black Friday in Singapore from February 2012 until November 2016
With a clear growing audience, retailers are jumping on the international bandwagon, too.  Each year, more and more retailers have begun offering special online deals and if the trend continues, 2017 is poised to really put Black Friday Singapore on the map!

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